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What Products are eligible

At Linktio, We love great products. Our main product categories are beauty, fashion and home. Our users are generally born 1995 or after. We are looking forward to get your seller application.




Linktio gives home for your brand

Linktio creates a platform for companies where consumers themselves form a network for buying and selling. Your company`s job is to move products between users.


In Linktio users buy directly from videos made by other users. With videos products are presented in a more interesting way than in traditional online shops. Most importantly, they will increase your sales up to 30 %.


Build a community around your brand and products. Linktio links products and videos in a totally unique way creating unforgettable shopping experiences.


Linktio community is a place for talented video creators. Your company can work directly with our influencers and send them product loans or free products in exchange for videos. Everything happens easily in-app.


Linktio provides great insights about your products and videos. Your job is to turn these valuable insights to actions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find most common questions and answers. We hope you find the answers, if you do not find aswers here, you can browse our docs below or send us message.

Can we use Linktio videos on our own marketing?

Yes, you can freely share videos to your social media channels or embed them in your website.

How do we get the first product videos?

Our Linktio community wil shoot videos for you or you can do it by your own using staff or influencers.

What is the comission if customer returns products?

In a case of returns we charge only 3 % comission that covers up our costs.

Does Linktio have own inventory?

No, we are providing marketplace and payments, but sellers send products to customers from their own inventory.

Where consumers can buy products?

At the moment Linktio iOS application is the only place to buy products. In the near future we are developing android app as well.

Still have questions?

Getting started

We have created very fast and easy implementation process. Just follow the steps below.

1. Fill the Application

First step is to fill the seller application form. Fill in all the phases and read the ”Partner agreement”, "Pricing" and ”Privacy” documents carefully. Finally send the application.

2. Screening

We are selection our sellers carefully in order to provide meaningful shopping experiences to our users. Screening process takes up to 48 hours.

3. On-boarding

Our efficient on-boarding process includes seller portal training in terms of how to handle orders, products, seller information etc. After the seller portal is ready we import your products.

4. Start Selling

Now  you are ready to sell your products in Linktio.

Taneli Katila

CCO, Co-founder

I am here to help you! If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

[email protected]

+358 400 686 248

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